As recently graduated architects in our mid-twenties, we embarked on a three-month journey across the United States with the scope of visiting one-hundred of Frank Lloyd Wright’s works. The photographs shown here is a token sample of several thousand we took along the way. The public sees them for the first time since 1971.

Ruth and Rick's Meghiddo journey visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's works

Ruth and Rick Meghiddo’s journey in 1971 visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s works

Why Wright now? Because today’s architecture is in need of reevaluation. In spite of some extraordinary works produced during the last decades, design seems to have lost its grounding. While the computer helps us “to make anything possible,” the question is: what shall we do to confront the world’s problems? Wright thought of “sustainability” at a level of complexity that we still have to reach.

Wright’s philosophy of Organic Architecture is not “a book of recipes,” but it can provide a stable base for experimentation based on solid principles. We hope that these images may stimulate creativity for today’s needs and dreams.

The photographs are presented in chronological order. You may click on anyone to see it full size.