As recently graduated architects in our mid-twenties, we embarked on a three-month journey across the United States with the scope of visiting one-hundred of Frank Lloyd Wright’s works. The photographs shown represent 33 works out of 105 visited. They are a token sample of several thousand we took along the way. They are exposed to the public for the first time since 1971.

Ruth and Rick's Meghiddo journey visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's works

Ruth and Rick Meghiddo’s journey in 1971 visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s works

Why Wright now? Because today’s architecture is in need of reevaluation. In spite of some extraordinary works produced during the last decades, architectural design seems to be in need of grounding. While the computer helps us “to make anything possible,” the central question is: what shall we do?  Sustainability for a planet inhabited by ten billion people needs much more than checking out a LEED list. Wright thought on “sustainability” at a level of complexity that we still have to reach, the sooner, the better.

While Wright’s writings on Organic Architecture are not “a compilation of recipes,” they can provide a stable base of  solid principles. In publishing these photographs, we hope that they will stimulate creativity for today’s needs and dreams of a better tomorrow.

The photographs are presented in chronological order. You may click on anyone to see them in full size. A list of visited works follow the gallery.

Frank Lloyd Wright Works Visited and Photographed, by State

NH Kalil House, Manchester, 1957
Zimmerman House, Manchester, 1950
MA Baird House, Amherst, 1940
CN Shepherd House, New Canaan, 1958
Fogh House, Stamford, 1955
NY Barton House, Buffalo, 1903
D. D. Martin House, Buffalo, 1904
Heath House, Buffalo, 1905
Davidson House, Buffalo, 1908
Boynton House, Rochester, 1908
Chahroudi House, Petra Island, 1952
Friedman House, Pleasantville, 1950
Searling House, Pleasantville, 1950
Reisley House, Pleasantville, 1954
Guggenheim Museum, NYC, 1959
NJ Wilson House, Millstone, 1956
PA Beth Shalom, Elkins Park, 1959
Suntop Homes, Ardmore, 1939
Fallingwater, Bear Run, 1936
VA Pope House, Falls Church, 1940
FA Florida Southern College, Lakeland, 1940-59
MI Winkler House, Okemos, 1939
Meyer May House, Grand Rapids, 1909
Affleck House, Bloomfield Hills, 1941
Smith House, Bloomfield Hills, 1951
Turkel House, Detroit, 1958
Wall House, Plymouth, 1941
Goddard House, Plymouth, 1955
Palmer House, Ann Arbor, 1951
Weissblatt House, Galesburg Village, 1951
Eppstein House, Galesburg Village, 1953
Meyer House, Galesburg Village, 1951
Pratt House, Galesburg Village, 1951
McCartney House, Kalamazoo, 1955
Brown House, Kalamazoo, 1951
Levin House, Kalamazoo, 1951
Winn House, Kalamazoo, 1951
Anthony House, Benton Harbor, 1951
Harper House, St. Joseph, 1951
Snow Flake Motel, St. Joseph
WI Greek Orthodox Church, Milwaukee
Bogh House, Milwaukee, 1916
Richard Houses, Milwaukee, 1916
Munkwitz Apartments, Milwaukee, 1916
Smith House, Jefferson, 1951
Arnold House, Columbus, 1955
Lamp House, Madison, 1904
Gilmore House, Madison, 1908
Jacobs House, Madison, 1937
Jackson House, Madison, 1958
Unitarian Meeting House, Madison, 1951
Pew House, Shorewood, 1940
Jacobs House, Middleton, 1949
Taliesin III, Spring Green, 1925
Romeo & Juliet Windmill, 1896
Johnson House, Delavan Lake, 1905
Johnson Wax, Racine, 1936 – 50
Johnson House, Racine, 1937
Hardy House, Racine, 1905
Keland House, Racine, 1956
IL Cemetery Chapel, Belvidere, 1906
Willits House, Highland Park, 1902
Glasner House, Glencoe, 1905
Dana House, Springfield, 1902
Winslow House, River Forest, 1893
Roberts House, River Forest, 1908
Gale House, Oak Park, 1893
Wright House and Studio, Oak park, 1889
Heurtley House, Oak park, 1902
Moore House, Oak Park, 1924
Thomas House, Oak Park, 1901
Unity Church, Oak Park, 1906
Adams House, Oak Park, 1913
Martin House, Oak Park, 1903
Cheney House, Oak Park, 1904
Fricke House, Oak Park, 1902
Francisco Terrace Apts., Chicago, 1895
Rookery Building, Chicago, 1905
Francis Apartments, Chicago, 1895
Robbie House, Chicago, 1909
Bradley House, Kankakee, 1900
Hickox House, Kankakee, 1900
First National Bank, Dwight, 1906
Irving House, Decatur, 1910
MO Pappas House, St. Louis, 1957
OK Price Tower, Bartlesville, 1956
Lloyd Jones House, Tulsa,, 1929
TX Dallas Theater Center, Dallas, 1955
AZ Adelman House, Phoenix, 1953
Boomer House, Phoenix, 1953
Carlson House, Phoenix, 1950
Taliesin West, Paradise valley, 1938
David Wright House, Paradise Valley, 1952
Price House, Paradise Valley, 1956
CA Hollyhook House, Los Angeles, 1920
Ennis House, Los Angeles, 1923
Storer House, Los Angeles, 1923
Freeman House, Los Angeles, 1923
Sturges House, Los Angeles, 1939
Anderson Court Shops, Beverly Hills, 1952
Millard House, Pasadena, 1923
Kundert Medical Clinic, San Luis Obispo, 1955
Morris Gift Shop, San Francisco, 1948
Hanna House, Stanford, 1936
Marin County Administration Building, 1957