Piazzolla Con Brio – En Breve – August 24, 2021 – (10:16)

“Piazzolla Con Brío – En Breve” es una versión abreviada del documental original. Honora el centenario del nacimiento de Piazzolla. Lo introduce a el y a su música, y también a músicos contemporáneos el contexto de la cuna del tango, Buenos Aires. También relaciona el film a algunos ejemplos de arquitectura concebidos en un espíritu similar al de el, y también un poema autobiográfico. Para ver la versión completa, vaya a https://vimeo.com/543851233

“Piazzolla Con Brio – En Breve” is a short version of the original documentary. It honors Astor Piazzolla’s centenary of his birth. It brings him, his music, and contemporary musicians within the context of the tango’s birthplace, Buenos Aires. It also relates to some examples of architecture conceived in a spirit similar to his, and an autobiographical poem. To watch the original film, go to https://vimeo.com/543851233

Piazzolla Con Brio – Trailer – May 21, 2021 – (03:41)

“Piazzolla Con Brio” (with vigor) honors Astor Piazzolla’s centenary of his birth. It brings him, his music, and contemporary musicians within the context of the tango’s birthplace, Buenos Aires.


As We Saw It – Abridged – March 27, 2021 – (03:43)

Shot in Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Israel and turned into eight documentaries under the umbrella title “As We Saw It,” It has now been condensed into one abridged version that shows how forefront architecture and art can impact the human condition.


Art Snippers in L.A. – Trailer – March 24, 2021 – (03:17)

“Art Snippets in L.A.” condenses in 2021 ten short documentaries on art-related events in Los Angeles during the 2016 and 2020 period. The film includes artworks by Jasper Johns, Anish Kapoor, Shirin Neshat, Black Power Art, and many avant-garde artists in painting, sculpture, installations, photography, film, performance art, and architecture.


Normality “Lo-Normali Trailer – March 10, 2017 / (0:29’)

NORMALITY “LO-NORMALI” is coming soon. This trailer anticipates some aspects of Israel’s everyday life that you won’t see on the news. You will be surprised!



Human-Made Plastic Ocean (3:56) “A Plastic Ocean” film promotion – February 8, 2017

The premiere of “A Plastic Ocean” at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills signals the beginning of the long march of an eye-opener documentary, that shows to what degree we all contribute to pollute the ocean every day. Adam Leipzig, co-producer of the film and publisher of Cultural Weekly, talks about the film, that was shot in twenty different locations around the world and took four years to produce.



Food for Thought (2:59) Farm Urbana Promotion January 16, 2017.

Farm Urbana, as presented in “Food for Thought,” proposes practical solutions to help the rapidly growing urban population’s access to fresh food close to home. Ruth Meghiddo challenges developers, architects, and property owners to include urban farming as an integral part of the built environment. She sees bridging between urban farming and design a critical response to the planet’s sustainability problems.




With an Architect’s Eye (2:51) ArchiDocu self-promotion (English)

The Architect’s Eye (2:53’)

ArchiDocu self-promotion


 New House for Santa Monica Lifestyle (4:17)

A real estate promotional video.



 10601 Wilshire Blvd., # 1602 – (2:46’)

A real estate promotional video.


 Wilshire House 704 (2:17’)

a real estate promotional video.




Urban Corridor Matrix   (9:31’)

The Urban Corridor Matrix is the result of a research conducted by Meghiddo Architects over several years to look for alternative ways of conceiving medium to high density mixed-use development. Some of its features include public spaces within the blocks, institutional facilities above street level, residential units of multiple types, time share of working spaces, a mix of retail commerce and site-specific public art. It is based on a system open to change and future growth and it confronts comprehensively issues of sustainability and affordability.


Real Estate with an architect’s eye (2:51’)



 El ojo del arquitecto en inmobiliaria (2:51’)


Who is She? – August 1, 2013 / (2:48’)

Trailer preceding “Empty Lot for People) A rehearsal of a performance-collaboration by three artists: choreographer Cyrus Parker-Jeannette, public artist Terry Braunstein and animator David Familian. With audio of Beat Poet Jack Kerouac. Recorded by Rick Meghiddo at CSULB’s Dance Department on August 14, 2013.