Promotions, Trailers & Commercials

Normality “Lo-Normali” Trailer – March 10, 2017 / (0:29’)

NORMALITY “LO-NORMALI” is coming soon. This trailer anticipates some aspects of Israel’s everyday life that you won’t see on the news. You will be surprised!   

Human-Made Plastic Ocean (3:56) “A Plastic Ocean” film promotion – February 8, 2017

The premiere of “A Plastic Ocean” at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills signals the beginning of the long march of an eye-opener documentary, that shows to what degree we all contribute to polluting the ocean every day. Adam Leipzig, co-producer of the film and publisher of Cultural Weekly, talks about the film, that was shot in twenty different locations around the world and took four years to produce.

Food for Thought (2:59) Farm Urbana Promotion January 16, 2017.

Farm Urbana, as presented in “Food for Thought,” proposes practical solutions to help the rapidly growing urban population’s access to fresh food close to home. Ruth Meghiddo challenges developers, architects, and property owners to include urban farming as an integral part of the built environment. She sees bridging between urban farming and design a critical response to the planet’s sustainability problems.

With an Architect’s Eye (2:51) ArchiDocu self-promotion (English)

The Architect’s Eye (2:53’)

ArchiDocu self-promotion

 New House for Santa Monica Lifestyle (4:17)

A real estate promotional video.