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archidocu helps

architects to convey their space concept and future vision
institutions to convey their social and environmental goals
artists to convey space-related artworks and performances
educators to convey the meaning and value of design

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Please Click on the Images to view the video blogs. 

For More Video Blogs Please Check Out The Blogs Page or Architecture Awareness

A-BroadThe Wright Way Hint (2:36)
Designing The Future
A-BroadThe Broad (8:33)
New art museum in Los Angeles
A-TA MuseumTel Aviv Museum of Art (7:04)
New wing, sculpture garden, primary building
A-AnnenbergWallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts (12:43)
New building, interview with architect Zoltan Pali
A-CathedralCathedral of Our Lady of Angels (7:23)
Architect Rafael Moneos masterpiece
A-DisneyWalt Disney Concert Hall (9:50)
Architect Frank Gehry’s masterpiece in L.A.
A-VegasLou Ruvo Center for Brain Health (7:15)
Frank Gehry in Las Vegas
A-Westwood LAThe Wright Way (17:21)
On Wright's 150th Birthday and the Future of Organic Architecture
A-I see
The City that Never Sleeps (18:24)
Visual vignettes of 2016 Tel Aviv
A-CerritosJerusalem Journal (28:36)
Jerusalem Journal attempts to capture meaningful aspects of the world's most complex city
A-Westwood LAFrom Architecture to Urban Farming (13:17)
A Brief Story of a Vision
A-Westwood LA
Tongva Park and the Angelbird (05:33)
A new destination and gathering place of great social, ecological, and symbolic value
A-GoffThe Rock and the Pavillion (5:02)
“Levitated Mass” vs. Goff’s Pavillion of Japanese Art
A-DowntownLADowntown LA (7:10)
An overview of downtown LA’s messages
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 4.18.42 PMA Destination for Learning (6:38)
Los Angeles Central Library
A-CerritosCooler than the Mall (6:53)
Cerritos Public Library
A-ArchsMOCAArchitects @ MOCA
Southern California architects’ exhibition