Patrick Dougherty’s Nature Organic Site-specific Monumental Art

“Patrick Dougherty’s Nature” is a short documentary about a unique artist creating large gestural works using the forces of nature. He weaves tree saplings into whirling forms that resemble tumbleweeds shaped by the wind.

I discovered Patrick Dougherty’s art on April 13, 2019. As soon as I stepped into the garden of the Long Beach Museum of Art, I was impacted by his work. My reaction was emotional before it was rational. I felt the urge to enter into the convoluted forms, to start shooting right away. “This is truly organic architecture,” I said to myself. My immediate associations were with Bernard Rudovsky’s “Architecture Without Architects,” with Bruce Goff, with Gaudi.
As soon as I started to Google about his work, I was shocked by the quality, the scale and the variety of his site-specific artworks. He created over 300 throughout the United States and in many countries around the world, such as France, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.
Born in Oklahoma in 1945, he was raised in North Caroline. After formally studying art history and sculpture, he discovered his self as an artist and started to explore possibilities using branches and sticks as building blocks.

“I had to be true to my materials, true to my ideas learning from birds and beavers.”